Guest Expectations & Responsibilities

Disc Golf Course Welcome Sign WELCOME TO PF - At Phantom Falls, we welcome you as our guests, but we also have some basic expectations of our guests.

CORRESPONDENCE - I expect to receive a call (720-340-2044) if there are any changes in your plans. If you make a tee time and your group "no call-no shows" it will have wasted about an hour of my time, and robbed Phantom Falls of much needed donations. As the person making the tee-time, I am (by default) dubbing you the group leader. As the group leader, I expect you to call me with cancellations, changes, major additions to your group, or problems. I also expect you to pass on all the rules, responsibilities, and information to everyone in your group. I suggest forwarding this information to all the people in your group so they are as well informed as the group leader when they arrive.

GROUP CONDUCT - I expect you and your group to conduct yourself in a respectable, responsible manner while on my property.

DGCOURSE REVIEW - When you return home from your round at Phantom Falls, I would be very appreciative if you would log onto the website and give Phantom Falls DGC a review. These reviews help my course get much-needed exposure, give it legitimacy, and help those visiting our beautiful state find my ten-year "labor of love." Thank you in advance for your (hopefully glowing) review; all of us here at Phantom Falls would appreciate it and are grateful for your patronage, generosity, and support!

Important Liability & Course Safety Information

LIABILITY - This is a PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK facility. Play at this course is known as "X-streme Rocky Mountain Disc Golf." YOU WILL BE PLAYING AT YOUR OWN RISK and you will be signing an extensive liability waiver to this effect. This waiver is a legal contract that will in effect strip you of your right to sew me, my family, or my neighbors for ANY reason.

PHYSICAL FITNESS - Please understand that this is a strenuous 38-hole, mountain DG course in Pine, Colorado. The course is at approximately 8,000 feet above sea level. The course has many elevation changes and is very rocky and very steep in places. You will walk over 5 miles during a full round of DG at the Phantom, so please analyze your physical fitness and only attempt to play the Phantom if you think you can safely handle the very strenuous nature of this course.

DRIVEWAY SAFETY - Please drive very slowly and cautiously on Eagles Gate Road, and in the driveway, (5mph please). I have young children, and two dogs that play in the driveway. My family has already gone through the anguish of loosing a four legged family member to a disc golfer driving to fast. Please help keep us from going through this painful ordeal again.

Important Miscellaneous Course Information

THANK YOU - I have been working on Phantom Falls for more than Ten years. The course is currently ranked #7 in the world, and it's solely because of groups like yours that come and donate to play. All the donations that are collected go into course improvements. I believe that at the rate we are going, the course will be "done" in four more years. This means that the Phantom is only going to get a whole lot better, thanks to you. Thank you for your support, and generosity!!

DONATIONS ETC - The customary donation is $20 per-player. All donations, pro-shop donations, snack shop donations, and any other expenditures at Phantom Falls are CASH only please.

TIME ALLOTMENT - You should allot 3 to 5 hours to play the entire course at a moderate pace. If you have more than six players, the time needed to play the course will increase.

CELL PHONES - There is NO cell service at Phantom Falls, so let those who are keeping track of you know that you will be stealth for 5 to 6 hours.

SHOES - Please wear the right shoes; this means you're best hiking boots, not flip flops or skate shoes. This advice is extremely important, and will cause you much heartache if disregarded.

TREE LOVE & HATE - The 2 meter rule always has been, and always will be in effect at Phantom Falls DGC. If your disc gets caught in a tree, please be very careful of the people and dogs in the area before you begin to hurl rocks and sticks into the air. The worst injuries we have had here resulted from many people standing in a semi-circle around a tree, throwing rocks at a disc that had gotten stuck. You can guess what happened to these geniuses and to the innocent dog they had with them. A better idea would be to wait until after the round when nobody, (dogs, or people), is around that tree to begin your rock and stick onslaught. Another option would be to wait a few days for the wind to knock it down.

OUT OF BOUNDS - The only OB on the course is HWY 126. There are three holes that the OB/126 would come into play, (#27, #29, and #31), so please be very cautious if your disc goes onto or over Hwy 126. People on Hwy 126 drive way to fast, and there are many blind curves. Please be careful and watch out for each other, and for your dogs.

MANDO'S - There is only one mandatory at Phantom Falls (#5) and it is a "Double Mando". This means that you must "field goal" the trees. If you miss the "mando" you must re-tee from the "drop zone" that is in front of the right "mando" tree, and add a one stroke penalty.

Course Rules

SMOKING - There is ABSOLUTELY NO CIGARETTE SMOKING on the course. Smoking is allowed on the front cement patio. The Phantom circles back to the house on many occasions where you will have access to your car, the bathroom, your cooler, snacks, and yes the patio where you can have a smoke. If caught smoking on the course you will be asked to leave, please don't make me do it.

LITTERING - There will be no littering on the course. There are many trashcans on the course, please use them for your trash, and for any other trash that you may see/find while playing.

CURSING - I have young children, and neighbors with young children. Please hold your tongue, and keep the loud cursing out of your game while at Phantom Falls DGC.

VANDALISM - There will be no breaking live tree branches, destructive behavior, dangerous horseplay, moving baskets or anything else, or killing anything on the course. Please don't ink, sharpie, or "tag" anything (ace or not), e.g. benches, baskets, trees, etc.

WEAPONS - There are no guns or weapons of any kind allowed on my land.

TWO METER RULE - The 2 meter rule always has been, and always will be in effect at Phantom Falls DGC.

FRAGILE PLANTS - Please watch where you are walking on the course, and be careful not to step on the wildflowers, saplings, and cacti, as doing so will kill these fragile plants struggling to survive in the poor soil quality of decomposing granite.

DOGS - Phantom Falls welcomes FRIENDLY dogs. If your dog(s) have a mean streak, or can't seem to get along with other dogs, please leave them at home. I have two very friendly, (and not so tough), dogs and two small children. If you bring a dog(s) to my home that attacks my dogs, kids, or anyone, you will be fully responsible for all bills associated with their recovery. You will also be held liable for any damage or injury that your dog(s) cause while you are here at Phantom Falls. Please leash and/or watch closely your pets on the south/west side of the course near Highway 126, (holes 6, 7, 27, 28, 29, 30). That road is hazardous to humans and to dogs!! We don't want any tragedies at the Phantom, so please be careful around the described holes.

LOST & FOUND - This is a private course on private land, so everything you find on this course belongs to me or someone I know. Anything (sunglasses, discs, keys, tags, towels, money, hats, cameras, wallets, etc.,) found on the course (weather it has a name on it or not) should be returned to me so that I can return it to its rightful owner. I have a lost-and-found bin, and Phantom Falls prides itself on the "nothing is lost" school-of-thought, so please turn in everything you find. Thank you.

PROPER CONDUCT - Please conduct yourself in a respectable, responsible manner while on my property. I have neighbors, and bad conduct could result in course closure to the general public. I want you all to have a blast while behaving yourself. I thank you in advance for your well-mannered behavior during your visit.

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