Phantom Falls Disc Golf FAQ

  1. What do I get for my donation?

    You get a 30-minute orientation of the course showing you blind shots, tricky spots, tricky holes, fun stories, and Q&A.  You also get a laminated cheat sheet (map) of the course so you don't get lost, a scorecard and five to six hours of AWESOME DG, along with the reassurance of knowing that your donation will go directly back into the course in the form of much-needed improvements.  Then, on a later visit, you can enjoy the results of your donation first-hand.  You also get the satisfaction of knowing that you're giving back to the Colorado Mountain DG community that has given you not only Phantom Falls, Beaver Ranch, Bailey, BuckSnort, and Eagles Vista Disc Golf Courses. Thank you in advance for your CASH ONLY donations!  
  2. What do you do with my donation?

    All donations and proceeds go back into much-needed course improvements.  The next three projects are going to include providing players with a port-o-let, quality signage, and improved tee-boxes.  These improvements are very costly, and we are saving for them now.  We deeply appreciate your donations, and we at Phantom Falls promise to use them wisely.
  3. What's the deal with these blue and red CTP markers?

    There are two round markers at each hole with the letters "CTP" and the hole number on it.  These markers indicate the best drive ever recorded for that hole (blue) and the best drive recorded for that hole this year (red).  You will find some of them in the basket: This indicates at least one ace on that hole.  If you have an amazing drive, you too could move a CTP marker. This is a "Paulie" original idea and the only course in the world that has such markers.
  4. I heard something about a prize for getting an ace, what's up with dat?

    There are 14 holes at the Phantom that have been aced, and at least 10 more holes that are possible to ace.  There are 82 "true" aces at the Phantom, and many more to come.  If you get a true ace, you will get to put the CTP marker in the basket, and you will get a small prize from the Phantom.  Because each group that comes to play at the Phantom has the course to themselves, and the fun factor here is second to none, many people will throw multiple drives (empty their bag) at some of the juicier holes.  If you get an "ace" with anything but your first drive in a recorded round with witnesses, it is considered a "cubby" ace, and not a "true" ace, and thus not subject to a true ace's benefits.  There have been countless "cubby" aces on the course, and while fun to watch and throw, they unfortunately do not "count" as a true ace.
  5. Where do I go to the bathroom?

    There is a clean accessible port-o-let near the pro shop. You may DISCRETELY engage in "draining the main vein" anywhere you choose on the course.
  6. I want to do a group outing at Phantom Falls. Do you do that?

    YES, and it's done right.  I do family outings or reunions, corporate outings or retreats, birthday or bachelor parties, weddings, or just a group of your homies that you want to bring out for a private custom tournament. My functions can include all the food & beverages, prizes, etc.  Just ask. We can put together the best active, competitive, outdoor gathering you could ever dream of.
  7. What clothes should I wear?  /  What should I bring?

    Wear the appropriate clothes for the time of year and weather. Layers are always a good idea, and a rain coat is very useful in the early afternoon every spring.  Wear your best hiking boots, bring sunscreen, a camera, lots of H2O, sunglasses, a hat, DG discs, and a healthy sense of adventure.  Make sure to also bring cash, as anything you forgot, or would need, I probably have for sale.
  8. My girlfriend, wife, etc wants to do something else while I'm playing.  Is there anything to do close by?

    You bet! We live a mile from the Pine Valley Ranch Park and the Pike National Forest (great hikes).  The South Platte River, Zokas Restaurant, the Bucksnort saloon, the Pine Library, and the Pine Emporium Antique Shop are all about one mile away.  We also have famous Elephant Rock, the Redneck Waterslide, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, swimming, shopping, eating, drinking, sightseeing, etc., very close by.
  9. What discs do I need?  /  Will I lose any discs?

    You will need all your discs. Some reviewers say to leave your drivers at home, but DON'T do it.  While this is a "shorter" course, you will need those bombers for approximately 1/3 of the holes.  There are many uphill shots that can't be reached without your biggest driver.  Your chances of losing a disc here are nearly zero.  If you get one stuck in a tree, it will eventually come down with a heavy wind and end up in my lost & found bin for pick-up at a later time.  It doesn't happen that often, and there are no H20 holes @ the Phantom.
  10. I heard you have tag matches at Phantom Falls, how do I get in on that?

    If you are interested in participating in the Phantom Falls yearly tournaments, please visit our Facebook page for more information, or better yet, join our Phantom Falls Facebook Group to get the latest event notifications sent to you.  
  11. What is the par on the course?  /  What are the course records?   

    There are 27 holes at Phantom Falls, and all of the holes are par 3s, so the par for the course is 81.  The course single record is 11 under par, or 70. The doubles course record is 14 under par, or 67.  
  12. What happens if I break something, or hurt someone?

    If you break something or hurt someone, it's "on you" (ALL OF IT).  You will be expected to cover all costs associated with any damage to property, people or animals, so be very careful where and when you throw that 180G razor-sharp driver.  I have gone to great lengths to design this course so that you never throw at the house.  Be careful. Don't hit anyone, and I thank you for your caution in advance.
  13. What score should I be striving for?  /  What would a "good" round at Phantom Falls be for me? 

    Assuming that all the players are Phantom Falls virgins, a DG beginner can expect to have their "ars" handed to them, and score around 20+ over par.  An average player should expect to score around 14 over par, and an above-average player should shoot for a score of 9 over par.  A good player should shoot for 5 over par, and a great player should shoot for par or slightly under par at 117. 
Phantom Falls Disc Golf Course

Directions To Phantom Falls

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From Denver, take C470 to Highway 285 South/West (up) 22 miles to your first stoplight, which is Pine Junction. Take a left at Pine Junction onto highway 126 (also known as Pine Valley Road). Drive down 5 miles to Eagles Gate Road on your left. Turn left on Eagles Gate.  Take the right fork in the road (it's about 100 yards), then take your first right (it's about 30 yards).  16200 HWY 126, Pine, CO 80470.
NOTE:If you hit the South Platte River while on Highway 126, you went approximately 1/2 mile too far. Go back to Eagles Gate Road; it's now on your right.   Lost? Call Paulie @ 720-340-2044 for directions.

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